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Posted February 26th, 2014

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Matthew Champ Review: ‘From Here We Can See Forever steps up the indie scene’s game’

Music is supposed to elicit an emotion. It’s supposed to connect you to a person, an event, or ultimately the medium (artist) who is baring themselves in front of you. Adam Astbury does this. I’ve only listened to his album a handful of times, never met the man, and yet I feel like I know him. I feel connected to him through his music. The feeling I get when I listen to this album is the feeling that keeps me looking for new bands and artists all the time. As I’ve been writing this review and going back over and editing it I find myself constantly being distracted because I have the album playing on repeat in the background. I just keep getting so caught up in the album that I have to stop, close my eyes and just soak in the music… Read the full review here

Posted December 18th, 2013

Veggie Fans Album Review: ‘From Here We Can See Forever’ by Laurie Fanelli

British singer-songwriter Adam Astbury’s second studio album “From Here We Can See Forever” is a beautiful exploration of relationships. Astbury acknowledges the sadness and hurt of lost love, while keeping an optimistic outlook on life. His vocals are full and emotive as he strums his guitar with enthusiastic determination. Adam Astbury is inviting and enchanting in both his story-telling and musicianship.

From Here We Can See Forever” is great from start to finish. The opening track, “Living in Colour” begins with a beautiful instrumental interlude before introducing a drum cadence that emulates the rhythm of life. Astbury and guest vocalist Sarah Lloyd convey the sorrow that comes at the end of a relationship and the hopefulness that ultimately follows with time. Later in the album, Astbury features another talented guest vocalist Lucy Mizen on the lovely, heavy-hearted track “I Guess It’s Over Now.”… Read the full review over at Veggie Fans.

Posted December 17th, 2013

‘Vaccine’ reviewed on Cracked Wax’s Saturday Six

“Vaccine” reminds me of the heartfelt tones of Passenger, with its melodic guitar strums and softly sung, nostalgia-tinged vocals. It’s the kind of wholesome music that’d form a perfect antidote to the current Miley Cyrus-gone-mad scene… Read more over at Cracked Wax

Posted December 14th, 2013

Hear The Indie Review: ‘Is hypnotic pop/rock even a genre? It could be’.

From the opening moments of “Living in Colour (feat. Sarah Lloyd),” I was blown away by the quality production values that reside within this albums confines. It is apparent that the time spent by Adam in a recording studio has paid off, with beautifully recorded instruments and a highly dynamic album of material. This has a certain crispness that one would expect from music deemed to be radio-friendly, and this may be a drawback if high production values are an issue with you (this is an indie music site after all, and some people seem to believe that indie = lo-fi production value), but it would seem that Adam Astbury does a great job of accomplishing his desired sound… Read the full review over at Hear The Indie

Posted December 12th, 2013

JamSphere Review: ‘From Here We Can See Forever’ Is Exhaustively Gorgeous!

Adam is currently gearing up for the release of his second studio album ‘From Here We Can See Forever’, which will be released on the 9th December 2013. We got a preview of the album and I can say that Adam Astbury is an impressive artist that truly baffles me with his remarkable sincerity. The album is made of simplistic music, yet every time I listen, it bewilders me how lavish, and solid the music is. Every sound is altogether in harmony and balance. Furthermore it equips Adam and his songs in the absolute best way possible.

Adam’s voice is unbelievable; his range is great, his intonation and phrasing are perfect and his heart is always exposed in his tunes. I can’t find anything wrong with this album which astonishes me. I’ve listened to ‘From Here We Can See Forever’ obsessively off and on for days at a time always fully expecting to get sick of it, but I never do!… Read the full article over at JamSphere

Posted December 4th, 2013


It’s been a long year filled with music, love, indecision, confusion, bags of fun, and the occasional crumpet. I emerged from each defining event equipped with pen, paper, guitar, and a beard; all of which I have packed in to a brand new album, and then lovingly named ‘From Here We Can See Forever’. Read the full article…

Posted October 22nd, 2013

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